Fueling Your Needs, Whatever They May Be

Large Enough to Handle all your Needs, Small Enough to Care


Gen Oil is a leading fuel distributor servicing commercial, industrial, government and military institutions throughout the United States. Providing innovative and efficient solutions to a complicated industry.

Offering fuel, equipment, technology and risk management services in the industry, Gen Oil continues to be driven at being the best in class. Gen Oil is headquartered in Michigan, and operates throughout the United States.

GEN Oil was formed in 2011 with the idea that fuel distribution should be more efficient, through ongoing technology enhancements and innovative leadership. With 25+ years of professional experience in the oil and gasoline industry Gen Oil has led technological enhancements in the industry, led the development and distribution of alternative fuels such as Biodiesel, and led the growth of a fuel distribution network from local, to regional, and semi national.

Supporting both supplier and customer network expansions covering commercial, industrial, and government entities.

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